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You are the S-C, the trusted advisor. It takes a long time to earn your trust, but when people do, you’re very loyal. You don’t like to be rushed in your decision-making. You need time to process information.

You tend to be structured and both people as well as task oriented. You are thoughtful, thorough, receptive and listen well. You like to be part of a “family”. You are a great team player.

You communicate by being thoughtful and thorough. You make decisions based on your past experiences. You need tangible information in order to "know" what to do. And you need time to think things through.

To make decisions you need time, information and the rules of “engagement”. You need the details in writing. You need a friendly environment.

Your greatest gift is you are persistent and steady. You are the voice of reason. You want to be seen as supportive. You back things up with facts and figures.

Your deepest wound is not letting others know where you stand on an issue. You tend to avoid controversy, to maintain harmony. You seek to avoid an unfriendly environment.

To be more Personally Productive take the lead. Don’t underestimate your own abilities. Embrace that uncertainty is part of life. The quality of your life is the amount of uncertainty you can live with at any given moment.

The keys to Personal Growth are to trust your own decisions. Don't be dependent on others especially when you know you're right. Let others know where you stand. Observe when you become defensive or indecisive when forced to act quickly. Ask more questions. Trust yourSelf.

The challenge to working with your team is you can be suspicious of people with “shallow ideas”. Allow the team to ask clarifying questions. Conversations that seem like rambling discussions, is the team vetting decisions as a group. You may have difficulty making taking the lead because you are concerned about the "right" decision. If precedent does not give direction, your tendency is to wait.


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