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Who is Paul Childs?


I have helped my clients grow their companies 5X faster while reducing their working hours by 20 + per week. 

I do this through Peer Groups; Coaching; Assessments and Workshops. I have had four companies each grew to 25-30 million in revenue.  I made between $350,000 - $800,00 before taxes and reinvestment in the company. My margins were 50% when I was inefficient, and 85% when I had systems and was very efficient.  

While the money was good, I worked my ass off.  At least 60-90 hours a week.  I was driven. 
Then I discovered I was the one who was driving.
But where was I going?   I burned out.

Raising three boys, managing the consulting firm, flying around the country speaking, working with 6-8 clients a year.  I thouoght I was the shit.

I was miserable.  

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I've focused on leadership development, human behavior, and change management.  But I lost my mojo. 

Now I'm taking my old analog consulting firm and putting it all online. It may still have bugs but I want to reach as many people as possible.

Currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Our best clients are the ones that do not need us anymore

Paul Childs is one of the top thought leaders on leadership development, human behavior, and change management.

I go beyond business – my focus is on life transformation, merging my professional expertise with personal growth.

Passionate Entrepreneurial Guide & Leadership Enthusiast 💼 |


Committed to steering entrepreneurs and business owners and CEOs  towards ambitious goals and greater achievements. More work-life balance.

I write about Self Leadership, Leading Others and Leading Teams

Currently navigating a transformative journey in Chiang Mai, Thailand, dedicated to refining my understanding of Buddhism and embracing diverse perspectives

I am the Founder of and PLC & Associates,


I have delivered more than 25,000 hours of one-on-one coaching and facilitated more than 400 peer group meetings with executives, CEOs and business owners.

I was a Vistage Chair and a Mentor Chair for 12 years. 

My clients have included Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Warner Brother, U.S. Navy, Knight Capital Group, Samsung, United World Cargo, Oregon Health and Science University, and many other leading small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States and Europe.  

My book “ Leading Organizations from the Inside Out”, a textbook for Change Management for doctoral programs in American universities addresses the power of action learning teams to transform cultures and create accountability. 

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