You can create an increased internal capacity for change

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You will experience

  • greater financial performance 
  • being a magnet for exceptional talent,
  • an innovative culture
  • an exceptional competitive advantage over your competition.  
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We bought and sold companies

We raised capital

Until we realized the most valuable capital is

Human Capital

Steve Ow Partner

Steve is a mentor, serial entrepreneur and a CEO for over 30 years, having built/sold several companies.

Steve’s success running companies motivated him to start Dynamic Innovations, LLC a CEO mentoring company.   His passion for coaching CEO’s was instrumental in turning around several companies facing financial difficulties.

A former Vistage Chair, Steve has successfully run peer groups as an extension of his mentoring practice focused on CEO’s, Presidents, key business leaders and business owners who are making a difference in today’s world.
Steve co-founded his first company, which designed and manufactured GPS antennas for Magellan, Trimble Navigation, and Garmin eventually leading to the GM contract for ONSTAR.  The company developed a maquiladora in Mexico for high volume manufacturing and China for lower cost piece parts.  The organization peaked at almost 150 employees and was sold in 2000.

After the sale, Steve came on board Andrew Corporation as Global Operations Director.  He was responsible for over 2,000 employees shipping over a $1 billion in revenue and managing 5 plants across the globe having saved over $52 million (in expenses) during his first year.
He founded his second company, which developed a satellite system for power grid management and control.  Eventually most of the Western half of the United States power grid was controlled by this system and the company sold in 2008.
Smiths (a $4 billion company)  tapped him to develop a commercial division to overcome a drop in military revenue.  Taking the opportunity to lead a team of 56 engineers, the group developed the system powering the satellite broadband internet for SouthWest airlines, Mango, and Norwegian Air Shuttle.
Steve is active in his community, sitting on several boards; St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Pleasant Valley Hospital and Go Aircraft.  He is President of the Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs, and Chairman of the board for Powerline Control Systems.


Our best clients are the ones that do not need us anymore

Paul Childs Founder

Paul Childs, is one of the top thought leaders on leadership development, human behavior and change management.

As the Founder of and PLC & Associates, Paul has delivered more than 20,000 hours of one-on-one coaching and facilitated more than 300 strategic planning, branding and advisory group meetings with executives, trainers and teachers all over the world. He is currently one of the top speakers in the country on leadership, productivity and branding.

Paul’s clients have included Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Warner Brother, U.S. Navy, Knight Capital Group, Samsung, United World Cargo, Oregon Health and Science University, and many other leading small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States and Europe.  

His book “ Leading Organizations from the Inside Out”, a textbook for Change Management for doctoral programs in American universities addresses the power of action learning teams to transform cultures and create accountability. 

People and Organizations have an Identity

People and Organizations have a powerful, nearly obsessive desire,  

to be congruent with who they believe they are (their identity)

and to remain consistent to what was previously done (their actions).  


When organizations fall into the trap of

being consistent out of habit,  

they stop thinking proactively. 


This can be dangerous, even disastrous.

Individual Magic seldom works.  

Most companies base their success on the magic of a charismatic leader(s),

or the skills of gifted individuals.  


As the company grows, the executives try to attract the next “heroic” talent

who can replicate this expertise. 


This is not sustainable as a strategy.  


A true collaborative approach

is the only way to create sustainable change. 

Co-creation is imperative and essential.   

Until everyone in an organization learns to work together intelligently and be “at cause” for their communications and actions,

the forces of organizational bureaucracy

and the “tyranny of the immediate” will prevail.  

There may be change but there will be no progress.


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Steve Snyder

Steven Snyder is the founder and creator of the revolutionary Alpha Learning.  He has been a pioneer in the field of learning and education.


He has been a master trainer for 25 years teaching Speed Reading, Study Techniques, Memory Improvement and Test Taking Skills all over the world.  


Steve sits on the Board of Directors of Learning Forum International, who along with QLN and SuperCamp have integrated Steve's accelerated reading and learning methods into the programs and trainings that they present to students and teachers world-wide.


For over 23 years Bob served as a senior member of one of the country’s largest home furnishings franchisor. As a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) he was an integral part of the management team of one the country’s largest home furnishings franchisor  Bob has over 35 years of management and “hands on” operational involvement. Bob is uniquely qualified as a skilled resource helping entrepreneurs meet their full potential. His strong analytical and organized approach to business provides “common sense” solutions to everyday business opportunities. His ability to  practical P&L financial analysis is an invaluable asset to any organization.


Polly Arrowsmith, CEO, Qube Networks, Ltd.

Paul is an inspiration – his guidance has made massive breakthroughs in my business.

Simon Zutshi,CEO Investech

Paul helped me to look at my business in a way I had not considered before.

Emma Weber Sr. VP Genetech

Paul may not always tell you what you want to hear but his passion for helping course attendees make breakthroughs in their businesses is never-ending.

Jeff Seagate

CEO Master Auto

Clearly a subject matter expert. Amazing insights on behavior  in the organization

Paul has a lot of high quality and relevant material to share and teach.


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