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I publish a newsletter once a week for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners. 
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I have over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in my community. 
Invitation to the Monthly Mastermind Live Stream


Who is Paul Childs?


I help CEOs and Entrepreneurs break their unproductive mindsets, the internal patterns that keep them from getting results.

I work with SMB business owners.  Small to mid size businesses, who have less than 500 employees and less than $500 million of revenue.

My clients grew their companies 5X faster while reducing their working hours by 20 + per week. 

I do this through Peer Groups, Executive Coaching, and Online courses.   I take 3 retained clients per year.  

Writing my book

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I’ve always been entrepreneur.  I owned four companies each grew to 25-30 million in revenue.

I have a Masters in Change Management.  I wrote a book for a PhD course

My Book.

I was a pre-med major because I love science.  Didn't make it to medical school, but ended up with degrees in Business Management and Psychology. 

But as I look back, my knowledge didn't come from school,

But from the wisdom of my clients and my experiences with alternative disciplines

And my "side hustles". 

I was a Creative Director for an agency, a copywriter and produced tv commercials and a few feature films.  

I have been a speaker on leadership for 13 years and spoke to hundred of these mastermind groups.

I was an investment banker, buying, selling and raising capital 

I worked for Vistage for 13 years as a group chair and facilitated mastermind groups. Each group had up to 15 non competing business owners.

I also was a mentor chair, training other chairs to run these groups. 


Four of My Commercials

I worked with Tony Robbins as trainer and coach for six years.

I apprenticed with a Shaman from Peru for 15 years and learned plant medicine. 

I have many teachers and guides, even to this day.  I'm a life long learner.  

I was raising three boys, managing my consulting firm, chairing four CEO groups,  flying around the country speaking, and worked with 6-8 clients a year. 

While the money was good, I worked my ass off.    I had the nice house, the nice car, and flew 200,000 miles year. I made great money

But I was miserable.  I worked all the time. 

Ropes Course Leadership Intensive

When I began my journey in personal development, like everything I do, I didn't dabble,  I immersed.

I did every course I could find, every workshop, every discipline, mentor or teacher I could find.

Because of my family history,  I had to learn the practice of healing trauma from Peter Levine, Gabor Mate and practiced Somatic Experience. 

I learned that healing trauma is in the body, not the mind. 

I merge personal development and business strategies so my clients make better decisions and get extraordinary results. 

They also become  better humans who naturally become better leaders.  



Leadership Intensive

At my age, most of my friends are slowing down.  Not me. 

I'm taking my old analog model consulting firm of flying around the world and putting it all online.

It’s a massive undertaking because I'm not 30 years old. I've had to rewire my old analog brain for this new world we live in. 

Covid shut down my business March 4, 2020 and for four years,  I've been reengineering myself  and my work. 

Please forgive the parts that don’t work. Let me know in the comments and I will correct as I go.  

I currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I host a leadership retreat once a year.   




I have over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in my community. 
Get an Invitation to the Monthly Mastermind Live Stream

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