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You are a high I. Your management style is the Integrator. You bring people together. You are an extrovert and people oriented. You track things by how you feel about them.

You communicate by being conceptual and creative. You need to bounce ideas off others. You are outgoing and social, stimulating and fast paced. You are highly creative and very empathic. As a result you take on the energy of others around you.

You dislike conflict. You may be passive aggressive in your communications. You trust easily and quite often your gets betrayed. As a result your boundaries with others may be unclear.

To make decisions you need to associate with your emotions. You like to feel good about building confidence in others. You dislike people who talk down to you.

Your greatest gift is you are empathic. You can sense what’s going on with people before they may know themselves. You are highly intuitive.

Your deepest wound is social rejection. You take things personally. You don’t like conflict.

To be more Personally Productive take an action. Don't allow people to dream with you or they can waste your time. Create structure to help you realize your dreams. Put things in writing. Become concrete as well as conceptual. Create actionable tasks and projects with milestones.

The keys to Personal Growth are to create boundaries for yourself. You are so concerned with helping others you may forget to take care of yourself. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

The challenge in working with your team is lack of structure and process.  You try to make everyone happy.  You defer decisions to the consensus of the group.  In your desire to create consensus, you sometimes create chaos. Put things in writing with goals and deliverables.  Take on the role of a leader and be clear about the differences between friendships and team mates.  

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