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Your management style is The Entrepreneur or Arsonist because you tend to light fires for others to put out. You love variety, you are energized by change. You can be charismatic and visionary.

You think fast, talk fast and act fast.  Since everyone does not think and acts as fast as you, they may have a hard time keeping up with you.

You communicate in broad strokes and big pictures. Your brain jumps around from thought to thought. Sometimes you are misunderstood because you leave out key information and jump quickly jump from one subject to another.

While you are passionate and bring things to life, you like variety and get bored easily. As a result that you are always looking for new opportunities. Many times projects are started and never finished.  

To make decisions you want options not opinions. You don't like no for an answer. There is always a way. And you don't like to be backed into a corner. You focus on the long term and see the big picture.

Your greatest gift is you are innovative, creative, bold, daring at times and unconventional. You are creative and innovative.

Your deepest wound is everything looks like an opportunity to you. You throw too many plates in the air. You may start projects but don’t finish them. Your subordinates may feel overloaded because because time is skewed to you. You see the big picture and have no idea how long things take.

To become more Personally Productive make a choice. Pick a path. Stop looking for alternative solutions.  Follow things through to completion. Minimize multi-tasking. Avoid clutter at all costs. Get things out of your head and in a system you can trust.

The keys to Personal Growth is to find the calm in the center of the storm. Create structure and discipline in your life. Avoid distractions. Create a practice of Mindfulness. Quiet the voice in your head and take a breath.

The challenge in working with your team is your personality is big and charismatic. Your team may tell you want you want to hear, not what you need to hear. You do most of the talking. Introverts move too slow and they may never be heard. You want options, not opinions.

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