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You are the Analytical  You are an introvert, task oriented and systemic.  You prefer data and concrete things over feelings.  You live mostly in your head. The conscious mind can only make models.  It cannot create experiences. 

You are risk averse. You constantly try to avoid doing things “wrong” or “incorrectly”.  You may be a perfectionist, which leads to procrastination, which can lead to paralysis. 

You may be “in your head” thinking about what’s happening instead of experiencing what’s happening. 

You communicate in a very meticulous, thoughtful way. You use lots of data points to verify you are accurate. You are extremely thorough.

To make decisions you need lots of information and time to come to a conclusion. You often try to interpret an experience before it happens. You need to know.  You must “know” the data in order to act. 

Your greatest gift is you are meticulous and thorough. You collect data, you are systemic and rely on facts and figures. You tend to always find what is missing.

Your deepest wound is that you are very hard on yourself.  When something doesn’t go right, you turn it inward. You feel like you should have known some fact, should have thought things through.  It is a challenge for you to trust your own experience, because experiences are tied to feelings as well as facts.

To be more Personally Productive don’t try to plan everything perfectly before you act. Be less dense with data. Share data points sparingly to others who don’t ask for it.

The key to Personal Growth is to stop beating yourself up.  Be kind and gentle with yourself. Don’t over think everything.  Stay in the experience of events, instead of the story of the event.  Stay out of your head and connected to the people around you.   

The challenge in working with your team may be creating collaboration.  You prefer to work alone and solve problems in isolation. You tend not to engage the team in a collaborative way.

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