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You communicate by focusing on goals and objectives. You want to make things happen. You focus on "what's next." Your pace is to move at warp speed. You always have a sense of urgency.

You need to have control. Everything has to run through you. It's a challenge for you to trust others to get things done in the way you would do them. Your standards are high. You never seem to be able to find enough good people. You become impatient when people give you too many details.

Your mantra may be "If its meant to be, it's up to me." Or "I could tell you what to do, but it's easier just to do it myself." You never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done in a day.

Your greatest gift is you can get things done.Your deepest wound is the the fear of being taken advantage of.

To be more productive take a breath. Pause before reaction and response. Slow down. Learn how to prioritize. Not all things are equally important. Lead and influence people instead of pushing and pulling them.

The keys to growth are not to take on too much, too soon and too fast. More is not better. Notice that impatience may be driven by fear. The sense that you might disappoint either yourself or others. Take care of yourself.

Come from abundance instead of scarcity.

The challenge in working with your team is lack of trust.

You feel like you can never find good people. Your standards are very high. So high, that no one may be able to meet them. And there never is enough time to train them.


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