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You are a high S, the pragmatist. You are an introvert and people oriented. You would rather work one on one with people than be out in front of a group. You are the stoic. You appear to others to be quiet and reserved. But your internal world is deep and rich. People often don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling. You like tangible specific things. You don’t like emotion, chaos or disorder.

You tend to be unstructured and people oriented. You are the "voice of reason".

You communicate in a patient, thoughtful way. People find you safe and easy to talk to. You are a great listener. You don't like to be rushed in your decision making. You get quiet around extroverts or anyone who speaks loudly or talks fast.

To make decisions you need time to put thought into it. You don’t like to be rushed. You tend to rely on yourself and your past knowledge. You prefer to share your decisions with one person rather than a group.

Your greatest gift is you are pragmatic. You are down to earth and realistic about what can be done.

Your deepest wound is losing your voice in all areas of your life. What you have to say matters. You tend to not ask for what you want or need. You don't speak up in groups, especially with people you don't know.

To be more Personally Productive embrace change. Find your voice in all matters. Step out in front of a group when you feel comfortable and share your thoughts. Create prior agreement before going into a meeting.

The keys to Personal Growth are to find a way to process dormant emotions that may become triggered by others. Speak up in the room even if it makes you uncomfortable. Learn how to manage uncertainty. The quality of your life is the amount of uncertainty you can live with at any given moment.

The challenge in working with your team is that you don't like conflict. You never like to be out front. You'd rather someone else take the lead. You tend to allow the most dominant person take charge, even if you know it's a bad decision.

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