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Thinking about, worrying about, or being anxious over what may or may not happen in the future creates tremendous anxiety.

We go into our heads and get locked into story. Worrying about the future is a story created in your mind about what hasn't happened yet. The body then produces the biochemistry to create feelings of anxiety and worry.

That story implies that where we are right now is not safe or abundant. Only by getting “there” is when things will be better. This is future tripping.

The problem is as soon as you get THERE you are really still HERE. THERE doesn’t exist except as a story in your head. It hasn’t happened yet. Future tripping can make us feel awful, and takes away our power.

Nothing ever happens in the future. Everything happens in the present. However the thing that causes us anxiety is believing we can control the future. We cannot. All this is taking place in the "mind" which is probably on overdrive. The mind cannot create experiences, hence it cannot create the future. The mind is a model maker. It creates models or constructs for what we feel.

The mind tells us things must be better in the future when I have more money, better relationships, sell my company, relieve my stress. It is creating a construct for a story that has not yet happened. This takes away our power and leaves us without resources to deal with the present.

EVERYTHING happens in the present. Our knowledge is in the present, our resources are in the present, everything we need is here right now. So how do we stay grounded in our power? It requires us to put more emphasis into feeling, not thinking.

Life is lived, intuition is accessed, results are delivered and desires are manifested always in the present moment.

The story of what might happen is in your mind. The feeling of what’s possible is in your body. This is sentience - the ability to perceive or feel things. High performance leadership comes from sentience as well as rational thought.

Part of sentience is the recognition of your own consciousness and power. It is awareness, familiarity, perception, understanding and recognition on a deep level that you are in control of it all. The cosmic joke is that you are creating it all.

The mind is the ultimate fake news.

Extensive conditioning especially in business, has trained us to constantly focus on the future. The culture has taught us to ‘look forward’ and ‘plan ahead.’ Tremendous weight has been placed guessing what the future will hold. We emphasize doing things to help make the future safer or more abundant.

All of this preoccupation with the future assumes that we are is not okay. Fear drives our culturally conditioned obsession with the future.

Take a breath and lighten up. Relax. Have some Sangria.


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