Covid 19 Meeting Spaces

Please allow a space 35% larger than normal

to comply with social distancing




The first workshop to do with your team.  Also can be delivered virtually


(Covid 19 permitting) 

Up to 25 Participants with 25 Assessments

A powerful and engaging

SIX hours ONSITE WORKSHOP with your leadership team
    ●  Twenty Five (25) Leadership Assessments are included along with the Team Wheel 

    ●  Each participant receives a Leadership Archetype and

ONE on ONE analysis during the workshop 

  • Each participant receives a Core Values profile

    ● A Team Styles Group Wheel is created for the leadership team 

    ● One hour debrief  with the CEO or Key Stakeholder
    ●  A
Master List of Key Initiatives you can execute immediately

  •  An actionable @Project Plan with the Initiatives 

  • Dates, Times and Deliverables


  • Each participant will receive a Leadership Assessment which details an analysis of both their Adapted Style and Natural Style as well as Management and Work Style

  • They will learn the difference between constructive conflict and destructive conflict.

  • Participants will learn how to effectively adapt to new environments of different styles

  • Participants will become aware of their preferred communication style with as well as things others should not do in attempting to communicate with them.

  • Participants will master the art of deconstructing stories, letting go of judgment and Driving Backwards.

  • Participants will learn the Five Management Styles as well as their team styles.

  • They will be provided with a set of tools that will show them how they can make effective decisions and implement those decisions with common interests.

  • Participants will eradicate old dis-empowering beliefs and condition themselves to new more empowering patterns of behavior both personally and professionally.

  • Call for PRICING.


Delivered Virtually

Three hours ONLINE WORKSHOP with your leadership team - highly interactive and engaging

● Ten (10) DISC profiles are included along with the Team Wheel

● Each participant receives a DISC Behavior profile and ONE on ONE analysis during the workshop

● You receive a TEAM STYLES Group Wheel for your leadership team

● You (or the team Leader) receive a One on One debrief of the session

● The team will generate a list of the  Performance Improvement Points needed to move the company to the next step.

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