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  • Each participant will receive a Leadership Assessment which details an analysis of both their Adapted Style and Natural Style as well as Management and Work Style

  • They will learn the difference between constructive conflict and destructive conflict.

  • Participants will learn how to effectively adapt to new environments of different styles

  • Participants will become aware of their preferred communication style with as well as things others should not do in attempting to communicate with them.

  • Participants will master the art of deconstructing stories, letting go of judgment and Driving Backwards.

  • Participants will learn the Five Management Styles as well as their team styles.

  • They will be provided with a set of tools that will show them how they can make effective decisions and implement those decisions with common interests.

  • Participants will eradicate old dis-empowering beliefs and condition themselves to new more empowering patterns of behavior both personally and professionally.

  • Call for PRICING.


Interactive Workshop Delivered Online

Three hours ONLINE WORKSHOP with your leadership team - highly interactive and engaging

Ten (10) LEADERSHIP profiles are included along with the Team Wheel

● Each participant receives a

Personal Leadership Assessment and

ONE-on-ONE analysis during the workshop

● Company receives a TEAM Assessment for the leadership team

● YOU  (or the team Leader) receive a

One on One debrief of the session

● We will generate a list of 

Performance Improvement Tasks 

to move the company to the next step.

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