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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Coll...

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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Coll...

Curse of Briar Rose Briar Rose, The Sleeping Beauty The Ageless: Briar Rose has been asleep for a thousand years by the game's start, and hasn't aged a day. The seventh game explains this - she's one of the immortal handmaidens of the goddess Flora. Always Night: Unlike most of the other games in the series, which usually take place by daylight, it's nighttime throughout the entirety of this game. It goes well with the Mood Lighting; see below. Animal Motif: There is a recurring theme of lion imagery seen throughout the castle, such as the courtyard fountain. (See Genius Bonus on the Trivia page.) Bizarrchitecture: The castle has symptoms of this. In particular, there's the fact that Briar Rose is sleeping in a tower ... which can only be accessed by going down into a room hidden underneath the royal cemetery. Bookcase Passage: A section of wall-mounted bookshelves in what seems to have been the castle throne room opens to reveal one of these. Crossover Relatives: The series, being a Massive Multiplayer Crossover of fairy tales, does this to many of the classic characters. For example, it's revealed that Princess Briar Rose is the sister-in-law of The Frog Prince, who later married Cinderella, whose Fairy Godmother was the mother of Pinocchio. Daddy's Girl: Briar Rose may have been this, if her father's tombstone is any indication. Though not completely legible, if you study the inscription closely enough, you can see that it's a poem about a rose being plucked "from the garden at our feet." There's something to be said for a father who loved his child so much that his own epitaph is about losing her. It's actually a clue to the fact that the secret entrance to Briar Rose's tower is in the cemetery. The inscription, such as it remains, says that Suddenly a flower sweet is awoken from the garden at our feet. Doomed Hometown: Edinburgh is apparently where the paranormal detective agency is headquartered. The opening recording from Mission Control explicitly warns the Detective that if the situation is not resolved within seven days, the briars will completely engulf and destroy "our city." Double In-Law Marriage: According to the unlockable bonus material, Briar Rose and her sister Ivy would have had this, if the prince who kissed the sleeping princess had succeeded in waking her; Ivy married his brother, Prince James. Dude, She's Like in a Coma: When the prince kissed Briar Rose, everyone in the castle woke up - except her. Due to the Dead: Seen only in the bonus chapter. After the prince kissed Briar Rose and woke up everyone else, he succumbed to the effects of her curse and died. The grateful residents of the castle honored him with a beautifully constructed memorial; it can only be viewed in the New Game Plus after the game is beaten once. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Playing hard mode grants access to a secret room filled with bonus goodies. The words on the wall of the chamber identify it as the "Secret Room." The Evil Godmother, who is never identified by any other name. Fairy Godmother: Part and parcel of the tale of Sleeping Beauty, of course. In this case, however, it's a bit more complicated, as later games in the series gradually reveal. Fish out of Temporal Water: Implied by the ending. The poor girl's been asleep for a thousand years, after all. The game novelization which can be unlocked in the collector's edition notes that she's absolutely in awe of the city of Edinburgh, which has developed around her castle. Foreshadowing: In the entrance courtyard of the castle is a large statue of the princess holding a rose-tipped staff; when her spirit appears to the detective, she's holding one there as well. It seems to be a mere case of Requisite Royal Regalia, or Flower Motif. Later in the series, however, you learn that Briar Rose is actually a Guardian of the goddess Flora, and has plant-based powers she controls with said Magic Staff. Giant Spider: Ther

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