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I publish a free newsletter once a week for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners 

Practical tips to better decisions, relieve your sense of isolation,
and get better

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Over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in our community. 

I help through Social Media Marketing, Executive Coaching and Peer Advisory Groups

I'm Paul Childs.  I teach business owners how to relieve stress and get better results with less effort.

I am a social media copywriter and help SMB companies get
results through better marketing. 

I work with CEOs to build a personal board of advisors by curating a specific cohort of 12-15 non competing owners to relieve loneliness and isolation of being a business owner. 

I write copy to create
organic growth at very little cost without paid ads.
I give you tools to relieve the stress of overwhelm. ​
The tools are practical and can be applied immediatley.

When isolation and overwhelm cloud your vision, I help provide a a safe space of trust and support

I help you create a place where you can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.    

Ropes Course Leadership Intensive

I write and host a live stream to engage in deep conversations with like-minded executives who have been down the road before. 

I act as your guide to making the most informed decisions, and maintain your competitive edge in a rapidly changing world.
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Ozzie Gontag.jpg

Ozzie Gontag

Master Chair/Mentor/Coach-Vistage Int'l

Paul is a master presenter, facilitator, and communicator. He connects on the heart level. He takes them within in order to rearrange beliefs, create new vistas, and challenge old patterns.  Paul helps people become more emotionally flexible so they can be all they can become.

Jeffrey Sullivan 2.jpg

Jeffrey Sullivan

Chief Technology Officer

Cloud Fax

Paul is an incredibly perceptive and caring professional. He cuts through nonsense to the heart of the matter more incisively than virtually anyone else with whom I have ever worked. His insights into interpersonal dynamics and organizational health have proven invaluable to me both personally and professionally.

Veronica Bishop 1.jpg

Veronica Bishop

Social Media Influencer/

Director of Marketing

Paul is a marketing genius in strategy and brand development. He will help you create an online presence that is current and extremely brand-focused. Paul is one of the most driven, energetic business development professionals I have ever met.

Doug Roberts.jpg

Doug Roberts


Rocket Leaders

As a coach myself, I can tell you that Paul is an amazing coach!  He helped me take my practice to the next level by tapping into deeper areas that drive leaders. Paul has a practical side as well as a deeper, more spiritual side - both of which he can use for his client's needs. An exceptionally gifted guy.


Erin Tenner


Tenner Johnson Law

Paul is a master of finding great resources.  He understands the issues that each of his group members are facing.  Paul has been instrumental in helping me break through obstacles that have been thwarting my profitability for years..

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