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The least time-intensive and highest-impact peer group for forward-thinking CEOs, executives, and business owners Become part of a high-performing cohort to get accelerated results, and make better decisions. You will redefine yourself in the crucible of the post-Covid Environment You will emerge from this crucible stronger and more sure of your purpose, changed fundamentally. 1. One Online Monthly Meeting with Your Group 2. Two Hour One-on-One Coaching per month. 3. Leadership Style assessment and EQ assessment. 4. World Class Speakers WHY CEOS NEED A PEER GROUP - having a peer group can provide CEOs with valuable insights, support, and accountability necessary for success. You feel lonely at the top You are "in the weeds" and Overwhelmed You need help with blind spots You have someone to hold you accountable PEER GROUPS ARE A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT The safe space is 100% Confidential You learn from HOW you learn It's never judgmental It's transparent and authentic The group maximizes each person's sense of connection There is a collective intention for truth and grace

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